About Yoga – Benefits

Benefits of Yoga Practice:

In Kinsale Yoga Centre, we are dedicated to providing the community with well-informed, supportive and inspired teaching. The classes draw on a broad array of traditional and contemporary yoga expressions, such as Hatha, Vinyasa,  Dynamic, Meditation, Yin & Restoratives. Our aim is that students discover yoga not only as a means to improve their health but also as a path to inner joy and self fullfilment.

  •  Reduces tension and stress
  •  Increases range of motion in joints
  •  Increases flexibility
  •  Improves posture, coordination & balance
  •  Increases lung capacity
  •  Strengthens the spine
  •  Aligns the skeletal system
  •  Eliminates toxins
  •  Increases bone density
  •  Strengthens immune system
  •  Improves concentration
  •  Promotes well being
  •  Helps unite body, mind & spirit