About Tai Chi/Chi Kung

Tai Chi/Chi Kung

The Tai Chi with Pam and Simon taught at the Kinsale Yoga Centre is Infinite Chi Kung meaning “To harness internal strength”.

Chi Kung has been practiced in China for thousands of years as an internal breathing art. It is a powerful tool for balancing and revitalizing the physical body and strengthening the mind. The deep internal breathing exercises, body work, different postures and movements of Infinite Chi Kung help you to recapture the universal essence or “chi” life forces.

These techniques can be incorporated into your everyday life for healing, to reduce stress, promote overall well-being, and regain a sense of empowerment and vitality.

There are thousands of type of Chi Kung: YogiCho teaches The Golden Sun, Golden Dragon, Standing Like a Tree, Butterfly Sweeps, Spirals in the Air and Healing Sounds Chi Kung Techniques.

Infinite Tai Chi: “A wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life,wherein lies all our joy, happiness, health, abundance,compassion and love.”

The Infinite Tai Chi form activates the body’s naturalability to heal itself, releasing blocked energy, cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening the practitioner’s physical and energetic systems.

Some of the numerous benefits from the ancient art of Tai Chi are:

rejuvenation, longevity, natural health, inner strength, grace and beauty.


“Chi is the universal life force energy. Our aim in Infinite Arts practice is to bring chi into the body to promote physical vitality and healing alongside emotional and spiritual harmony. Even gentle postures raise energy and build the foundations of a strong and vibrant body because Chi Kung and Tai Chi go beyond physical exercise. We can connect with that universal energy. We can connect with the divine qualities within ourselves. This is what I strive to share.” If you truly long to lead an exceptionally joyful, fulfilled, healthy, abundant, loving life, practising The Infinite Arts will definitely assist you to reach for the stars! They are a unique combination of ancient holistic practices and modern energy work. The core Infinite Arts are Infinite Tai Chi, Infinite Chi Kung, Infinite Chi Yoga, Infinite Meditation, Ling Chi Healing Art and for children and their carers’ YogiChild. The Infinite Arts are designed to raise your vibrations and consciousness. They are also intended to create perfect harmony in your life. So why not come along to a class and experience for yourself the uplifting effect of these life-transforming practices? You can definitely benefit greatly from learning an Infinite Art, whatever your age or level of fitness. Practising Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung will not only enable you to strengthen and realign your physical body, but you may also be able to heal past physical injuries and emotional pain that has been stored in your body for a long time. You will certainly find that practising The Infinite Arts will assist you to feel truly alive and empowered. I guarantee that you will feel less stressed, and much more relaxed and alive after just one session of Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chi Yoga, Healing Sounds or Infinite Meditation. So just imagine what practising these holistic arts could do for you on a long term basis!